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How To Turn Off Green Light On Apple Watch

Are you looking for some guides that can teach you the steps on what is the green light on the Apple Watch and how to turn green light off on Apple Watch? Just like you, a bunch of people are willing to learn how to turn off green light on apple watch. Well! That’s what this guide is for. The green light that is placed under your Apple watch got designed only to measure your heart rate. Also, it is only able to switch on and work when there is an app that is constantly in use. The application is especially already installed in it to take your heart rate in the backside of your Apple watch.

Why green light behind my Apple watch? What is it?

All of the Apple watch series comes with an optical sensor located on its backside. The only thing that these sensors do is, checking your heart rate, nothing else. These LED lights are specially created by using these sensors to check your skin. So that, an accurate heart rate can be shown on your Apple watch. Nothing more.

Newer Apple watch series are attached with digital optics. These digital means use green LED lights for the direction we discussed above.

Another use of this green light is also extremely helpful. It flashes continuously just to help you find your phone in the dark without using your torchlight. Now, the real thing that we are going to discuss below is how to shut off green light on Apple Watch. Have a look.

How to shut off green light on Apple Watch?

As we have mentioned above, the green light is just to measure your heart rate, when you wear it. The one and the only way to turn green light off on Apple watch is to turn off the app “heart rate monitoring app”.

Step #1

To turn off the Monitoring app all you have to do is, first of all, open the app on your Apple watch and after that tap on ‘my watch’ which must be located on the center of the screen.

how to turn off green light on apple watch

Step #2

Now, click on the ‘privacy’ option, turn the switch system off ‘Heart Rate’. And now you’re done.

how to turn off green light on apple watch

how to turn green light off on apple watch

Step #3

After all this process, the green light should probably get turned off. But, if it’s still turned on, you have to restart your Apple watch. The reason behind turning off the Apple Watch and restarting is simple, there might be an application that is supporting the system from the background. So, be aware.

Is The Green Light Bad For Our Skin?

The simple, the easiest, and the short answer to this question are NO. The Greenlights that are located under your Apple watch are just to check your heart rate. The light has low power and it will surely never burn your skin. Also, they are specially designed to get turned off by themselves when you’re not wearing your Apple watch.


In this short and swift post, we have discussed the ways to turn off the green light on the go. The reason behind this article is to provide you with the ease of finding ways to turn it off. Lastly, we want to tell you that you can turn off these LED lights completely if you don’t want them by just following the steps that we have mentioned above.

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