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How to change Apple Watch band

An Apple Watch always settles up a style statement. It proves that you’re on the top if anyone is talking about technology users. Also, the Apple Watch brings and shows up your fashion sense. But, do you know you can add spice to your apple watch because of its changeable band?

Many of you must be aware that you can change your Apple Watch band, but the matter of fact is you all ate here to know how to change apple watch band, right? Right. Well, we got you covered here. In this article, we will tell you about a simple and easy way to change apple watch band. So without any further hold-ups, let’s start reading this article right away.

How to change watch band on Apple Watch?

It is time to turn the tables to something COOLEST thing that you can do right now with your Apple Watch. Below, we will tell you the process from which you can easily know how to change Apple watch band in minutes. So let’s start.

This is how you can change Apple Watch band!

Step #1

The first thing you have to do is prepare the surface on which you’re going to apply the method. Before you start working on your Apple Watch band, keep ready a smooth and soft microfiber cover on your table. This will surely secure the watch if you accidentally scratch your Apple watch face.

how to change apple watch band

Step #2

Now it’s time to release the old band. The real thing that you have to do first is, turn your watch to see two thin release buttons. After that, hold the one band side and push it to the left or right side, until it starts leaving your Apple watch. Lastly, repeat the same method for the other watch band. Yes, you’re done.

change apple watch band

Note: If you’re having trouble with doing this, keep trying again and again. As we all know, some bands are easy to take off and the others are extremely hard to.

Step #3

Now, add/place the new band to your Apple Watch. The first and the most important thing you need to do is, know how to position your new Apple watch band. Now, smoothly slip your band side to the corresponding notch area of the Apple watch. After all of this process, repeat on the other side, you’re done.

how to change watch band on apple watch,

Keep one thing in your mind, double-checking is the most important thing to do here. If you don’t make sure that both Apple watch bands are secure, your watch will accidentally slip, also your watch can get broken and lost. Yes, even after double-checking, move your wrist before going out to make sure that your Apple Watch will stay in its place.


If wearing accessories are the main essence of your outfit, have no fear of adding some spice. Apple provides us with a wide range of beautiful Apple Watch bands. You can pick any of them (according to your preferences) and can replace them by obeying our steps! While wrapping this article, we hope that you will get what you were looking for. Drop your honest thoughts and experiences on changing your Apple Watch band.

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