Where can I sell AirPods?

Have you held some questions in your mind like where to sell Airpods? Even if they are broken, scratched? Also, maybe you’re looking for a platform from where you can upgrade your AirPods or want to get rid of this “AirPods” stuff, in all these situations, we got you covered. It’s easy and super simple, all you have to do is, keep reading this post till the end. In the end, you will know which site or app is the best platform for you to sell your Airpods, whether they are new or used ones.

Want to sell your AirPods even if you lost one or both of them?

Well, that’s not a big deal at all! You can now sell your AirPods even if its cover is missing or the one side. The apps and the sites we are going to tell are just fantastic. You just have to tell your AirPods condition properly, and you’re almost done. Yes, it is that simple and easy in reality. In this post, we will try to tell you whatever you’re willing to know about ‘where can I sell my AirPods. So keep reading this post till the end.


Which sites and apps are the best for selling my AirPods?

As we mentioned above all the sites are going to be perfect for all of you. But, it’s your job to choose the most convenient and the best one for yourself. Below, we are going to make a list of sites and apps that will help you with selling your AirPods online.

#1: Amazon
#2: eBay
#3: Backflip

Yes, these are the top of the top best sites from which you can easily sell your used as well as sealed Apple AirPods. Amazon will pay you according to your AirPods quality. Also, the site eBay will pay you just like Amazon, but, at first, it will take charges for selling your AirPods. Now the last one, Backflip. Backflip is another way to sell your Airpods. And one more thing, this site is recommended by many sellers out there.

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How can I sell my Apple AirPods?

After you and your client finalize a deal, simply tell your client the way you would like to receive the payment, it can be by bank transfer or any other way you like. Also, make sure to get your payment right after your client receives the parcel! This part is the most important part that you should keep in mind. And, if you have a nearby market in which you can sell your AirPods, try not to do it! The reason is, the market people can make you fool when you ask them for the price they will pay in return.


In this post, we have told you about where you can and where can I sell Airpods. Whether they are used or not, how you can sell your Airpods and the sites and apps that will help you to sell them. So, keep all the information in mind when you go out or when you are finalizing a deal with anyone.

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