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How to ping apple watch? 2 easy ways to ping apple watch

Ping Apple Watch means that when you tap Sound within the Watch app, your Apple Watch will make a sound if you’ve lost track of the Apple Watch or misplaced it. In plain English, Ping is a reference to Sound Alert. For example: Locate Apple Watch when it is placed on a Pillow or inside Cupboard.

Can you ping your Apple Watch From your iPhone?

Ping Apple Watch is when you tap Sound in the Watch app, and Apple Watch will make a sound. Apple Watch will emit sounds if you forget the location of your Apple Watch or are lost. In simple terms, Ping is a reference to Sound Alert. For example: Search for Apple Watch after being placed under Pillow or Inside Cupboard. So, you can ping your iPhone from the apple watch.

Methods to Send Ping Apple Watch Using iPhone

It is easy to connect to the Apple Watch via iPhone. If you’ve lost the Apple Watch, make an audio call from your iPhone to find the watch.

Step 1: Launch the “Watch” app on your iPhone.
Step 2: Select your Apple Watch.
Step 3: Tap on (i) right next to next to Apple Watch.

apple watch 1

Step 4: Turn ON the toggle “Find My Apple Watch.”

apple watch 2

Step 5: “Turn on Send Last Location.”
If you’re unable to connect to Apple Watch from iPhone, then refer to the troubleshooting guidelines.

Another Method To Ping Apple Watch From iPhone

It’s an important question that can Iping Apple Watch with my iPhone? Yes it is easy to find apple watch with iPhone. With these steps, you can use your iPhone to ring your Apple Watch. It will help you find you’re lost Apple Watch.

Step 1. For this to work, your Apple Watch must be connected to the internet via WiFi. Once you’ve made sure of that, continue with the steps below.
Step 2. On your iPhone, launch the “Find iPhone” application and sign in to your iCloud account.
Step 3. Now in the list of your Apple devices, tap the Apple Watch to ping.

apple watch 3

Step 4. The watch should appear on a map with the other Apple devices you own. Tap the watch icon. If you see that your watch is nearby, press “Actions,” then “Play sound.” Your watch will beep (even if it is silent) until you press Ignore on the watch face.

It should start playing a ping sound on your Apple Watch, which would help you find where your Apple Watch is. Once you have found the device, simply press the “Ignore” button to stop the ping sound.

So the next time you misplace your Apple Watch, use your iPhone to ping it. So, now get the answer to the question of can I ping my apple watch? Is this guidance is helpful for you?

You don’t see your Apple Watch on the map?

If you don’t see your Apple Watch on Find My iPhone, it might not be connected to WiFi, cellular data, or your paired iPhone. Or it could be that Find My iPhone is not enabled on your device.

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