Volume Button Not Working On Mac

What to do if the volume button not working on mac? Well, Sometimes your Mac’s volume buttons will stop working. And, it’s not a big issue at all. Mostly Apple devices are not okay in many cases. Such as volume, lifespan, and many other things. The only reason behind Apple’s popularity is its display and picture quality. Just like Apple’s smartphones (iPhones), Mac is also overrated. But, also, it is fantastic for use for many reasons.

However, today’s post is for the people who are willing to know why volume buttons on mac keyboard not working. Here we will talk about how you can fix your volume buttons. Also, all the steps that we will mention are simple. So, try to read this post carefully till the end.

What are the volumes keys on my mac keyboard?

why are my volume buttons not working on my mac

Volume keys on your Mac keyboard are the most useable keys present on your keyboard. It is the biggest reason why they stop working after every day. If you are facing this issue for the first time, you must be thinking about why are my volume buttons not working on my Mac? and how can I fix them? We got your point. Fortunately, there exists a handy way to get yourself out of this issue. What else do we all need? Below, we have informed you about a worth method to make your volume buttons work well. Have a look.

Are volume buttons on mac keyboard not working? Here’s how to fix it:

Finally, you will know how to fix it! Ready?

Read this article carefully because now we are sharing the method that can run your volume keys.


Firstly, go to your desktop site. After that tap on the top right corner right away.

why are my volume buttons not working on my mac


After going to the desktop site, find the ‘new’ button. When you click on the ‘new’ you will see a ‘shortcut’ button tap on that right away.

why are my volume buttons not working on my mac


When you get to enter, under the (What Item Would You Like to Create a Shortcut for the screen) section, you have to enter the code (sndvol -f 111111111).

why are my volume buttons not working on my mac


Now, they will ask you to name it by default name would be SndVol. After changing its name, you can easily click on the (done) button.

why are my volume buttons not working on my mac

So, by creating an account in sound volume (SndVol) you can get your Mac’s keyboards volume keys back at their 100% fine quality. Below we are going to tell you one more way to get out. Have a look below.

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Try the following Instructions:


STEP 1: Shut down your MacBook.

volume buttons on mac keyboard not working

STEP 2: Press the power button and after that press “cmd” + “alt” + “R” + “P” at the same time.

STEP 3: Keep holding “cmd” + “alt” + “R” + “P” until that powers on and the MacBook makes a chime sound.

STEP 4: Keep holding the buttons until the MacBook chimes three times in a row.

STEP 5: On the 3rd chime sound release the “cmd” + “alt” + “R” + “P”.

STEP 6: Macbook will start up normally and it will require your login details.

Test the volume buttons to see if they are working or not.


In this article, we have told about the two worthy methods of making your Mac’s volume keys work. Just try to read this whole article carefully.


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