Everything you need to know about mac mini m1x

More than a year ago, the Apple company launched its brand new M1 chip. Many of you may not have purchased it, and now you guys have made up your mind to buy one for yourself. But, before visiting your local market or an online store to buy an M1 Chip, we would like to warn you that the Mac mini m1x is on the way.

Yes, you heard right, The Apple company is going to launch its next Mac mini. And, the good news is that the Apple company has posted “mini 2022” while announcing the new model. It means that it’s going to be in our hands in the 2022 season. So, it would be more beneficial to wait before purchasing the old one for yourself, right?

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Mac mini m1x, in detail. So, read this article carefully till the end. Have a look.

New Mac mini release date

As we mentioned above, the Apple company has mentioned “mini 2022” while announcing Mac mini m1x, right? But, now we would like to give you the biggest news that you all are going to love! The Mac mini m1x is already in the market and on the internet online stores.

Well, it’s Extremely good to know that you don’t have to wait for the new one because it’s here. You all can visit your local market or contact any trustable online store to get your hands over it!

mac mini m1x release date

Mac mini m1x price

When it comes to pricing, we aren’t sure. Why? Because of the marketers out there who are fooling the world right now. The real and true price is going to be high for sure. But, the marketers are going to sell you the device at a double price or maybe less.

The price will revolve around  £699/$699 and £899/$899

Just keep one thing in your mind, choose a trustable platform to get yourself a brand new official Mac mini m1x.

New Mac mini design

To be honest, the Apple company hasn’t brought any specific changes in the new one. But, there is one change that you all are going to notice. The new model is going to be thinner than the old one. Also, there is one more, the quality for example audio quality, etc is also going to be fantastic.

Now, it’s completely on you that you have to go for the old one or the brand new one. But still, we would suggest you go for the new one because of its extra cool features and many other latest added things.


So in this article, we have told you everything you need to know about the Mac mini m1x. We have told you about the release time, price, and design as well. Now, without any further hold-ups go and get one for yourself before there is a new one coming out.


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