How long do MacBooks last

No doubt, Apple device’s hardware lasts for an extremely long time. But still, you have to say goodbye to it at some point. Here we are going to give you some warning signs, from which you will know it’s time to have a new one. Also, we are going to tell you how long do MacBooks last as well as how long do MacBook pros last on average. If we are going to be true, the average lifespan of a simple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and refurbished MacBook is the same. So, if you’re here to know how long do refurbished MacBook last or a simple one, we got you all covered.

So, you are willing to know how long do MacBooks last? Also, when is the time to replace your MacBook and buy a new one? Well, you’re standing in the right place right now.

How long do MacBook pros usually last? / How long does a MacBook last?

Whether you already have a MacBook that is a bit old or maybe too old or maybe you are going to buy a brand new MacBook for yourself. In both situations, you must be thinking about how long do MacBook last, right?

Well, there is not an exact number for a MacBook’s lifespan. As well all know that it all depends on a variety of situations and cases.  For example, if you are someone who uses a MacBook for some web searches, your MacBook will surely last for years. But, if you are someone who keeps on using a MacBook like a smartphone then it’s clear that the lifespan is going to be less. Also, if we are going to talk according to the Apple MacBook’s definition, they are talking about longevity.

how long do macbooks last

Let us talk about it while putting all the things together.

Let’s assume that you are going to buy a brand new Mac in 2022 for yourself. If so, it will receive macOS updates in 2029. And, macOS which is released in 2029 will receive support from Apple in 2032.

Also, if you are using third-party tools on your MacBook, the Apple company will support it till 2030. So, it is simple that a MacBook lifespan is almost around 8-10 years.

Now below we are going to tell you some warning signs that your MacBook is going to be useless very soon.

1: The first thing that will happen to your Mac is that you will not be able to run the latest version of macOS.

2: The second thing that will start happening to your mac is that it will continuously show you the lack of space message.

3: Lastly, your mac hardware that once upon a time was a heavy-duty worker will start looking like a useless hardware machine.


So, these were the wearing signs and the exact definition of the mac’s lifespan. In this article, we have informed you about almost everything a buyer or an owner of an old man is willing to know about a mac’s lifespan. Read the whole article carefully.

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