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How to Get Snapchat on the Apple Watch?

It’s the end of 2021, and The Apple series 7 is finally released. Well, you are surely a social media stoner and you have made “tweeting” and “snap chatting” a part of your daily life, right? Right. Are you probably thinking, what the new Apple release has brought for me? Is there any chance to use social media such as Instagram and Snapchat on the Apple watch? Or, is that a super long wait to use such apps in the Apple watch is over?

Anxious to know the answers to all of these questions? If yes, so keep reading this article till the end to know, How To Get Snapchat On Apple Watch and the terms you should keep in mind to know, can you get Snapchat on the apple watch? So without any further hold-ups let’s start reading this article right now.

Can you get Snapchat on Apple Watch?

Sadly, hereabouts enters a pretty bitter bad news. Snapchat and many other social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc are not available in any series of Apple watches till now. Also, only the app “Twitter” has an officially built-in OS application in the Apple watches to use this all easily. However, several apps developers have already released the watch with OS in the Apple watch for using apps such as Instagram and Facebook. But, there is yet nothing such people can do for installing apps i.e. Snapchat.

You must be worried now, but don’t worry we got you covered. As we mentioned above in this article we will tell you how you can get Snapchat on your Apple Watch. Even though the Apple watches don’t have a built-in camera, you can easily control your Snapchat through it. (For example, sending messages, receiving streaks, etc.)

How to download Snapchat on apple watch?

The wait is coming to an end – Here you go! The first thing you have to do is connect your Apple watch with your WiFi internet. After your watch is connected, tap that “Siri button” on your watch Siri face, and all after, install Siri on your Apple Watch.

When Siri is downloaded in your watch you can easily get able to speak with it. Chat with “Google Search” over Siri. After Siri’s reply “What do you wish to search?”, reply saying ‘Snapchat log in’ or “Snapchat online”. Soon, users can troll by all of the displayed search outcomes and clutch the ” on page” option.

Step #1

Open your Google on your Apple Watch, search for Snapchat, and access the app to login!

how to get snapchat on apple watch

Note: The method that we have told you above is tested on the Apple Watch Series 7. Hence, this method might not be able to work on series 2 and 3. But, the good news is, Apple Watch series such as 5 and 6 may work.

how to download snapchat on apple watch

However, as we all are aware that using an Apple watch for using Snapchat isn’t a great idea. The reason behind this is, the Apple Watch has a super small screen if we’re talking about typing stuff. Also, another big reason is, the Apple Watch doesn’t have a camera, either. So, it wouldn’t turn out the same as we’re thinking. But yes, you can surely try those above-mentioned methods and share your daily life with your friends if you want to.

Step #2

Once you log in go to the connect app option and scan the QR code from your mobile phone’s Snapchat App and you are on your way to using Snapchat without any disputes!

parade 3

Step #3

Turn on the Notification Button from the notification panel of your phone/Laptop/PC!

can you get snapchat on apple watch

Step #4

It is time to enjoy your Favorite Snapchat App on Apple Watch without any hassles!



As we told you, it would be a little hectic to type and take photos on your Apple watch. But, if you’re still interested, you can surely go for the methods that we have told you above, believe us it will turn out fantastic. We have made this post just to help you all with the question “how to get Snapchat on the Apple Watch“. We expect you will observe this guide as enlightening for yourself. Tell us about your preferences by commenting below!

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