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We are all looking for the best calendar app for iPhone. An app that reminds us of our loved one’s birthdays. Also, an app that keeps informing you about your upcoming weekly meetings and stays on the top of your screen in any situation, anytime anywhere. Now, the real thing is, your calendar app for iPhone should complete all these tasks without your involvement, and for that, in this post, we got something special for you.

Having a calendar on which you can get accessibility on the go is what you’re looking for. Yes, maybe Apple’s built-in calendar app takes the trick, but there are many more options you can surely take a look at, for your iPhone. For you all, we have gone through many calendar apps for iPhone and listed some of the best of them below. So, have a look without any further holdup.

What is a Great Calendar App for iPhone?

If we are going to be real and honest, there are thousands of calendar apps for the iPhone. Each of them is designed for almost every kind of person out there. But, there are only a few of them that you should consider when it comes to the best free calendar app for iPhone. Whether they are free or not, but there is one thing that we are sure about, they are completely worth it.

1: The first and the most noteworthy thing is that the app should be simple to use. It shouldn’t be hard to set up all the schedules and stuff. Of course, no one likes to spend their hours setting up everything, right?. And for that, make sure that the app that you’re going to install is easy and simple to use.

2: The second thing that you should notice is that the app is designed with a specific purpose? Noticing this is more important than anything. The calendar app for iPhone should probably build on a particular purpose and type. The thing that you have to check is, each and everything should work as the app’s purpose. (This was the main point for having the best calendar app for iPhone.)

3: Also, the app should be customizable. We all have some personal plans, aside from our professional life, right? So, for that, there should be a special option on which you can make something like “portions”, it will make it easy for you to align your social life.

4: The app should also include notifications and alerts. We all must be aware that this is also one of the most important things.

5: Maps integration, yes the real this Maps Integration. The best calendar app for iPhone always integrates with the map to help you out.

6: Here comes the last thing that you have to check in your calendar app for iPhone, Siri compatibility. Your app should also run at a high speed with all the apps present on your phone. So for that, Siri compatibility should be there.

The best free calendar apps for iPhone that we will discuss below are:

1. 24me
2. Apple Calendar
3. Awesome Calendar
4. Calendar 5
5. Google Calendar

Below, we are going to give some details about every one of them, have a look.


24me-Best calendar app for iphone

The app “24me” is the best free calendar app for iPhone. (Also includes a paid version) 24me is specially designed to keep your professional notes, office tasks, and social life schedule altogether. For a screen as small as our iPhone screen, simplicity is a thing that we should keep in mind. Simplicity will break the crowded effect and display. For that, 24me is best.

The design is simple, and the good thing about this app, it is easy and simple to use. You can set an agenda for your schedule and follow it in the way you like it. As we mentioned above, the purpose of this app is for keeping notes, telling you the tasks, and schedule. And it keeps the flow for every task which is a great thing also.

24me Price: Free for basic access: $4.99/month and $29.99/year.

Apple Calendar

applecalender-Best calendar app for iphone

Best calendar app for iPhone which will keep your calendars in one place. The Apple Calendar is one of the preinstalled apps in iPhones. Also, it is easy to use, and designed for the main purpose that we have told you above. Of course, if Apple has designed the App, we are sure it would be great, it is so.

The best thing about this app, it is the best free calendar app for iPhone ever. Also, the app is super fantastic but still free! What else do you want?

Apple Calendar Price: Free

Awesome Calendar

Best calendar app for iphone

One of the best calendar apps for people who miss their events because of their messed-up schedule, Awesome Calendar, will keep and make it simple and easy for you to set up your schedule in minutes.

The Awesome Calendar also supports your mother language. So, you can easily find it convenient to use. Unfortunately, the app is not available for free for anyone out there. But, the good thing is, they don’t charge too much! The price is mentioned below.

Awesome Calendar Price: $9.99

Calendar 5

calendar app for iphone - calendar5

The best calendar app for iPhone is specially designed for simplicity. You will not find any visual customizations and stuff. But, the good thing is, it will get your job done in just a few clicks.

The mother language support system of this app was better than all of the apps we tested. Also, this app “Calendar 5” includes Siri compatibility that will add more ease to your daily routine/schedule. This app is also not free of cost, you have to give a bit to use this for your professional and personal use.

Calendars 5 Price: $6.99

Google Calendar

calendar app for iphone - google calendar

Yes, we all are aware of this app, especially Apple users. Google Calendar is also the best free calendar app for iPhone. You can easily get this app because it is already built-in in your iPhones.

One of the most favorite and fantastic features that we love from Google Calendar, event illustrations. Whenever we Mark an event on this calendar, the calendar reminds us of that event with a cool illustrated screen that we all are likely to watch.

Google Calendar Price: Free


Of course, your calendar app for iPhone is not the most exciting, the coolest thing on your phone. But, it is one of those apps which are extremely useful. So, keep it updated and follow the instructions that we have mentioned above to have some ease in your life.

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