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How long do iPhones last

How long do iPhones last? Well, as per Apple company’s statement and their user’s statement, the iPhone lasts almost 3 years after getting out of the box. But, usually, before those three years, many other factors come between and the iPhone users upgrade their phone right away. Here we are going to give you complete detail about everything you’re willing to know about an iPhone, before buying one for yourself.

The answer to all of your questions regarding how long do iPhones last is getting covered in this article. So, try to read this post till the end. Have a look.

Now, without any further hold-ups let’s dive into this article to know every single thing about your desired iPhone model. Yes, we have gathered all in one information just to help you all out.

How long do iPhones last on average

According to Apple’s statement, an iPhone can last almost around like 3 years. But, many of Apple’s users have committed that the average lifespan of an iPhone is around 2 years. But, according to our gathered information, an iPhone’s lifespan depends on the way you take care of it. Yes, everything regarding an iPhone’s lifespan is the way you are taking care of it or we can say how many dots you left on it.

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Also, if you are taking care of an iPhone normally as the other iPhone users do, the average lifespan of your iPhone will be around two and a half years. Not more than that. The measured and accurate lifespan for how long an iPhone can last is only two and a half years. In short, only in these two and a half years, your iPhone can work completely well.

When Should I Buy a New iPhone?

So, your iPhone isn’t working well anymore. But, it still can be used, or maybe you are wondering how old your iPhone is. In any case, it’s pretty difficult to tell yourself that you want a new iPhone now.

No worries, let us tell you something from which you can make it easy to make yourself buy a new iPhone for yourself.

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So, the first and last thing that will make you have a new iPhone for yourself is a reason. What’s the reason? The reason is quite simple and easy to detect. If your phone is getting stuck, or maybe your phone is shutting down again and again, then this is the right time to have a new one. Don’t waste the time you have waiting for your iPhone to get completely passed away. Buy a new one for yourself right now.


So in this article, we have explained to you how long iPhones last and when you should buy a new iPhone for yourself. Now it depends on you whether you want to buy a new one or you want to make your phone completely useless.

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