Where is settings on mac

Do you want to know where is settings are on mac? Also, you’re scrolling through the internet to know about How do you get to settings on a Mac? Well, you are standing in the right place right now! The system preferences application/ settings app is located in the apps folder in your mac. The settings application is also can be found in the Apple menu that you will find at the top left corner of your device. (Below, we have discussed in detail).

In this article, we are going to give you the answer to the question “where is settings on my mac“. it’s going simple and extremely easy. Also, if you want to know where you can find the settings application on Apple, we got you all covered here as well. So, read this article carefully till the end.

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How do you get to settings on a Mac?

For getting available to your settings app on your Mac there are a few easy steps and methods that we are going to tell you below. We are going to discuss those methods step-by-step. So, without any further hold-ups let’s head over there.

Step 1:

The first step that is surely a necessary step for you all is to choose the apple menu. After that click on the system preferences.  Also, you can simply click on the system preferences on the go.

Where are settings on mac

Step 2:

After doing step one, all you have to do is simply click the desired type or preference that you wanted to set up on your Mac.

Where are settings on mac

Step 3:

If you want to learn more about the settings application, click on the customize button or Mac system preferences that you wi find in the macOS user guide.

where is settings on my mac,

So, these were the easy and simple steps that you all can follow to get your settings Infront of your eyes on your Mac! It was extremely simple, right?

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Where I can find the Settings application on Apple?

Just like finding the settings application on Mac, Apple’s settings application is also extremely easy and simple to find in just a few clicks. Below we are going to discuss all steps that you should follow to get available with the settings application on your iPhone/Apple’s phone. So let’s have a look.

Step 1:

Firstly, you all have to open your home page and look for the library button.

where is settings on mac air

Step 2:

Now, you can see that the settings application is in front of you and you can click it right away if you want.

where is settings on mac air

Step 3:

Lastly, you can set whatever you want to arrange for your mobile’s boosting or anything else that you want.

where is settings on mac

So, this method was easy as well, right?


So in this article, we have told where is settings on my Mac are. Also, for iPhone users, we have added the method for them as well. For iPhone users, we have told them how they can find the Settings application on their phone in an extremely simple and easy way.

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