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How to get TikTok on Apple Watch

Nowadays, TikTok is one of the most fashionable apps/Social networks. Also, people are more likely to use it if we compare this app with others. The most important thing to remember is, it isn’t that easy to enjoy this app on the tiny screen of your Apple watch. However, there are many different ways from which you can know how to get TikTok on your Apple watch.

Just like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, there are also many ways to get available with TikTok on your Apple Watch, too. But, for TikTok, you have to use some apps from other developers.

TikTok on Apple Watch

To have TikTok on your Apple watch, the simple thing you have to do is, download some apps that we are going to leave below for you all. So that, you can easily watch the famous viral videos on your wrist in one go.

In this article, we are going to let you know about how to get TikTok on Apple Watch. Now, have a look at the apps that we are going to discuss below.

How to get TikTok on Apple Watch?

As we have mentioned above, the process of getting TikTok on your Apple Watch is only possible via the Apps that are launched recently.

Step 1: Access the App on your phone.
Step 2: Log in to the App using your TikTok Credentials.
Step 3: Scan QR Code – That’s it!

how to get tiktok on apple watch

tiktok on apple watch

So, without further ado. Let’s talk about those apps!

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#1 DouWatch

tiktok on apple watch

The first one on our list is DouWatch. You can get the app “DouWatch” by using PlayStore. The prices are reasonable, only 2.29 euros If you’re downloading the app from the play store.) This app is made for allowing us to watch the latest TikTok on Apple Watch easily. Also, press the ‘star’ button for saving the videos in ‘favorites’ so that you can get back to them on your mobile or tab.

#2 TikWatch

how to get tiktok on apple watch

Now, the second one is, TikWatch. Also, it is a bit more expensive if we compare this app with DouWatch, at 3.49 euros. The best thing is, this app seems more likely and complete. If we have a look at its description, it says, you can watch the latest trending videos, also you can discover videos on explore, can search videos by searching for hashtags, and you can also find accounts/profiles on it.

However, the most ideal thing you can do, if you use the official application that Apple has told us, it would be more convenient for sure. But, in such situations, you have to use these third-party apps (both that we have mentioned above).


These above-mentioned apps are the only apps on the app store that promise to give the best results. At the moment (2022), these both are the only option. We have made this post just to give you the ease of finding Apps from which you can watch TikTok on Apple Watch. We hope you find this post informative. Comment down your thoughts in the comment section below.

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