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How to take burst photos on iphone 12?

Promoting a product or service with photos is a great way to do so. But sometimes, it’s hard to get a good photo, especially if you’re not a professional photographer. If you’ve ever tried taking a burst of photos on your iPhone, you know that it can be a bit of a challenge. There is a guide to help you take great burst photos.

How to take burst photos on iphone 12? The simple answer is that you need to be in a good position and ensure your phone is at the right height.

And to make it easier for you, we have jotted down a detailed guide for those looking to learn how to take burst photos on an iPhone.

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A Few Steps To Consider For Taking A Burst Picture On An iPhone:

Burst photos on iPhone 12 are taken by the combination of several photos taken at short time intervals. The burst photos are a prevalent shooting mode in smartphone cameras. And with the iPhone 12, Apple is making it easier to take burst photos.

Furthermore, the iPhone 12 burst photos are similar to the burst photos on iPhone XS and iPhone XR. There are several ways to use the features. If you are interested in taking burst photos on iPhone 12, you may want to consider these features that we have listed below. Read onwards!

Step 1: Open the camera app
Go to your iPhone 12 built-in camera application and press the volume up button to use it.


Step 2: Choose the Burst Mode
Tap the button on the right side of the screen to choose the burst mode.


Step 3: Choose the photos
Now, simply select the pictures you want to take a burst.


Step 4: Set the interval time
After that step, you need to set interval time according to your needs.


Step 5: Press the shutter button
To take photos, press the shutter button.


Step 6: Wait for a bit!
Wait for the photos to be taken.

Step 7: Tap the Done button
Tap the Done button to end the burst mode.

Step 8: See the photos
Open the Photos app on iPhone 12 to see the photos taken.


In this post, we explain how to take burst photos on iPhone 12, which means creating a series of photos using the burst mode on your iPhone. Well! Undeniably, the burst photos taken on iPhone 12 are more beautiful than the single photos taken at a short time interval.

It’s quite easy to learn how to take burst photos on iPhone 12, right? Share your thoughts on this guide with us in the comment box below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I turn on Burst mode?

A: To turn on burst mode go to your settings and click on Use Volume Up for Burst.

Q: How do you take burst photos on your iPhone hands-free?

A: Perform the same process mentioned in this post, and before taking the picture, turn on the timer button.

Q: How do I take lots of pictures at once on my iPhone?

A: Use the shutter option given in your camera application to take lots of pictures at once.

Q: Can you take burst photos on iPhone 13?

A: Yes, you can surely take burst photos on iPhone 13 by going through the same process.

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