Is the iPhone XR waterproof

It’s been a while since Apple users are lusting over something they were not going to have, but this iPhone XR proved us wrong. It was only a few months ago when the official Apple company launched this classy iPhone XR. Now, the real question that almost every person asks around the globe is “Is iPhone XR waterproof”. Well, if we are going to give a short answer then Yes. Yes, technically the short answer is yes.

iPhone XR has IP67 ratings, which means that it’s not a big deal if you throw it in the toilet, pool, bath, or the sea by mistake. But, the real thing is, the rating is IP67, not IP68! IP68 is the golden waterproof stuff that provides security even if you take the phone in your swimming pool to make a video.

What does IP67 mean? Is iPhone XR waterproof?

IP67 means, if you are an owner of an iPhone XR waterproof ” IP67″ you don’t have to push yourself in a job or task that includes water or something like liquid. Let us be honest, the iPhone XR is waterproof, but only to a low degree. Also, it will survive in a water place only for a short period. And, we are sure you don’t want to take the risk, right? Right.

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IP67 is something that many iPhone users read these days. But, they don’t know the exact meaning. So, get to know the answer first and then do whatever you want.

We hope that the answer to, “is the iPhone XR waterproof” is clear. In this article, below there is furthermore worthy information about something regarding this, have a look.

iPhone XR IP67 Rating: What Does It Mean?

As almost every one of us has seen that the IP ratings refer to two options for its phones and they both are protections. The first protection that they offer is dust particles and other kinds of materials. And, the second protection is saving the phone from the liquid that is water. This iPhone XR is rated IP67 just to tell us that this phone can handle only a little water in it.

It simply means that you don’t have to take your iPhone XR with you when you’re going to the beach or somewhere like that. Don’t take the risk anyway. The rating “IP67” is only here to protect us from small accidents like dropping it in the water. It doesn’t mean that this phone is completely waterproof. No, it’s not! Keep this thing in your mind.


So, in this article, we have taken you through something to which you were scrolling the internet just to have the answer. We hope that everything is clear to you now, that iPhone XR is not 100% waterproof. Even iPhone 10, iPhone 11, iPhone X is also not waterproof. It is only here to protect us from random accidents. Read the article carefully to know the difference between the IP ratings.

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